Working principle of wireless transceiver module

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Working principle of wireless transceiver module

The transmission power of the wireless transceiver module of Lanxi Jiaoying is relatively large, and the transmission distance is relatively long.

More suitable for communication under harsh conditions. 

Let’s learn about the wireless transceiver module of Lanxi Jiaoying

What are the specific working principles in?

The wireless transmitter module is not equipped with a coding integrated circuit, but a data modulation transistor is added

Q1, this structure makes it easily compatible with other fixed coding circuits, rolling code circuits and

MCU interface, without having to consider the working voltage of the encoding circuit and the large value of the output amplitude signal

small. For example, when using PT2262 and other encoding integrated circuits to connect, directly output their data

Connect the 17th pin of the terminal to the input terminal of the DF data module.

It’s best to install the wireless transmitter module vertically on the edge of the motherboard, and keep it away from the peripheral device.

Pieces above 5mm to avoid the influence of distribution parameters. Transmission distance and modulation signal of DF module

Frequency and amplitude, transmitting voltage and battery capacity, transmitting antenna, receiver sensitivity, receiving

Development environment. Generally, the maximum launch distance in an open area is about 800 meters, and in the presence of obstacles

The distance will be shortened due to the refraction and reflection during the transmission of radio signals.

In some dead zones and unstable areas, different transceiver environments will have different transceiver distances.

The wireless transceiver module adopts ASK modulation to reduce power consumption. When the data signal stops

When the transmitting current drops to zero, the data signal and the input terminal of the DF transmitting module can use resistance or

It is directly connected without capacitive coupling, otherwise the DF transmitter module will not work normally.

The data level should be close to the actual working voltage of the DF data module to obtain a higher modulation effect.


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